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Duct Repair Baton Rouge, LA

Your air ducts are an essential piece of equipment that is hidden out of sight in your home. If you have tried everything else and still can't improve the comfort level or reduce energy consumption, then it's time to call our air duct cleaning team at Air Control Heating & Air, LLC for solutions!


Whether you suspect your air ducts have issues or not, the first thing we'll do is complete an assessment to determine what needs repair. Once it's identified that there are problems with the system itself, our duct repair team in Baton Rouge LA will take steps necessary for efficient and effective repairs.


We offer all the ductwork services that you could ever ask for. From repairs to HVAC installation, Air Control Heating & Air, LLC has got your back! We have a range of top-quality products and services at our disposal which will help save you money in the long run as well as keep those pesky allergens out of your home or office space.


Test - Duct Leakage Testing is a great way to find out if your ducts are leaking and where they are leaking. If you're thinking about repairing them yourself, it's worth getting the professional opinion first!

Repair - We’ll work with you to ensure that your ducts are repaired in a timely manner so the air quality and temperature of your home remains constant. After leak testing, our Baton Rouge duct repair technicians will provide all the information necessary for repair decisions.

Seal - If you call our team for duct repair in Baton Rouge LA, then one option we may recommend is air sealing to help prevent future concerns and ensure that your air ducts are working like they should. We'll be happy to explain the process and recommend this option if it will help reach your goals!

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